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Eine Bahnfahrt durch Europa

Live Event in Minetest | 29.04.2020 - 15:00 ...mehr

Europa-Fahne und Demo gegen Art. 13 der Urheberrechtsreform


Netzpolitischer Salon zur Europawahl

Merseburg, Offener Kanal, und im Netz | 16.04.2019 - 17:30 bis 20:00 ...mehr


EduAcademy.eu – the gateway to the competencies and scope of practice

Concept of lifelong learning is an integral part of every changing modern society, each of which wishes to achieve good results. And it requires ...mehr


New initiatives for decreasing youth unemployment

Youth unemployment is one of the most important issues in all over Europe. According to statistics department, youth unemployment rates in Lithuania ...mehr


The International Students Welcome Week at Sapienza and the meaning of Erasmus

Between 22nd and 26th September 2014 Rome has been the centre of a brand new event: the International Students Welcome Week at Sapienza. This is the ...mehr


Funny Bunny feat. Bastoncino – Sunku pasakite! (or) It’s difficult to say (EN) – Sunku pasakyti! (LT)

In the kitchen of their home-hotel in Vilnius an artistic girl and a music creator together  have created a song that mix English, Lithuanian and ...mehr


Travel tale from Vilnius

Sveiki! My name is Veronica and I’m a … vagabond! Yes, because I love to travel and learn languages to get in touch with the country that give me ...mehr


The First Step of International Youth Project

Lithuanian young people have come back from a trip to Barcelona. The trip has gone to the past, but it has left a lot of deep impressions and would ...mehr


The right NOT to choose

I am Lithuanian and I live in-between two countries – Lithuania and Italy. Both countries are my home, no one [anymore] has priority to another ...mehr


The German question of patriotism

Translated by: Elizabeth Rinde In June it will finally happen again: the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is rounding the corner. This means one month in ...mehr




1. Preis bei #digitalgegencorona ...mehr

Mitteldeutscher Medienkompetenzpreis für das Projekt HistoryCraft ...mehr

Friedenstaube für Menschenrechtsbildung ...mehr

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Ein Großteil der Jugendbildung der Evangelischen Akademie Sachsen-Anhalt findet im Rahmen der Evangelischen Trägergruppe für gesellschaftspolitische Jugendbildung statt und wird im Rahmen des KJP vom BMFSFJ gefördert.