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Confirmation Goes Global

The project „Confirmands and the One World” aims at strengthening global education in confirmation classes by using digital media. Outcomes, impressions, and ideas of the project are published in the blog. Further information in English is located below this text. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact Miriam Meir.

Global education strives to give a pedagogical response to globalization processes. It is strengthening three basic competences: recognizing, evaluating and acting. Global education helps to develop an awareness of global justice and encourages students to promote a sustainable development. The topics of global education are very diverse and imply for instance climate change, human rights or fair trade.

Confirmation classes offer young people space and opportunities to deal with existential questions concerning their faith. This implies as well seeking justice and taking responsibility for others. The links between global education and Christian faith are diverse: the life of humans as creatures in the creation, the triple commandment of love (love of God, love of neighbor, self-love) as well as the commitment for strangers, marginalized, and poor.

Digital media in education is fun and offers a great potential for creativity. It relies on the richness of ideas by the learners. The intuitive use by confirmands enables them to easily learn global interdependencies and to develop individual solutions. The work with digital media captures for instance the computer game Minecraft/Minetest, ActionBounds, and many other interactive tools like H5P, augmented and virtual reality and 360 degree videos.

Screenshot of the event. Foto by Jackline Keneth Mwasekela.


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