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The First Step of International Youth Project

Lithuanian young people have come back from a trip to Barcelona. The trip has gone to the past, but it has left a lot of deep impressions and would stay in memory of each participant for a long time.  New experience, bright and unique impressions, new friends have brought joy to every heart of participant till today.

The support and charity fund „Vaikai stebuklais auga“ have taken part at amazing project „Urbanis – Youth in Action“ in Spain. The participants of the project have worked, communicated, learned, and collaborated together for 10 days in Spain.


The participants of the project:

  • two representatives of the fund, Neringa Kleniauskienė and Eglė Abugelytė-Lukšienė;
  • 5 young creative, active, enterprising people from Vileikiškės Children Day Care centre „Lašelis“, Raminta Runevičiūtė, Domas Glumbakas, Vita Jankauskaitė, Domantas Rolis, Laimis Vasiliauskas;
  • 25 young people from Sweden, Finland, Poland and Spain.

In Barcelona participants have met with small, but delightful corners of nature, which have being maintained by citizens of the cities with purpose to keep the their cities more green and more natural. Vall de Can Masdeu is one of these beautiful places in Barcelona. It remains collective gardens of Lithuania. The difference is that members of those cities work together, the community is more closed, and focused on educational activities.


Barcelona is a green and beautiful city. There are parks with palms and parrots in them, Mediterranean Sea and mountains. Young people of the project have got acquainted with opportunities how to exploit green spaces for leisure, work, and further maintaining of nature.

The participants of the project have played in the parks, have made exercises at the seaside. That helped them to learn to communicate and collaborate with people of other countries.

One of the purpose of the project was to present Lithuania and ways of caring about nature, trying to save and create green spaces in the cities. The members of other countries have been impressed of the presentation. The nature of Lithuania is very beautiful. We have four seasons, which gives a lot of new colours and sensations. Lithuanian parks and forests dates back to past of the country. Parks of the cities get more beautiful and cherished nowadays. Indeed, while  being in Spain, Lithuanian young people have understood that they have a lot of things to be proud of. While tasting national food, Swedish, Spanish, Polish and Finns have been fascinated by Lithuanian black bread with chopped fresh garlic, homemade flitch, apple cheese, honey and mint tea.


The team of Lithuanian participants is thankful to UAB „DEVOSCO“ (maikomanija.lt) for very nice and high quality green T-shirt, which made them unique, and to UAB “SAVAITĖS EKSPRESAS” for financial support.


This project is a great experience learning tolerance, understanding, cooperation and developing the idea, that nature is the basis of our life and existence.


Schlagworte:  Europa, Jugendliche und Europawahl

Projekte:  Eurappeal




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