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Concept of lifelong learning is an integral part of every changing modern society, each of which wishes to achieve good results. And it requires personal, professional development, as well as computer literacy skills. In order to survive and become specialists, there is need to continually deepen outlook and broaden knowledge, which you can then put into practice. One of the ways to get involved in this activity is offered through EduAcademy.eu project umbrella for several different and relevant trainings.
If you are already engaged or intending to engage in the work of making the artisan pizza, this year starting from February EduAcademy.eu will be organizing 4-day pizza-making courses at authentic Sicilian restaurant-pizzeria, in Italy. During this course you will learn to choose the filling of the pastry pizza using few different receipts, pick out right products, cook pizza in a wood fired oven and how to take care of hygiene. Finally and most importantly, you will learn how to adapt this knowledge for home environment.
EduAcademy.eu also offers several different youth learning courses to educate staff, which will take place in Lithuania on July and September, 2015.
Perhaps you are more interested in applying public relations management to learning institution? Courses mostly are designed for school teachers or representatives of adult learning institutions. This program provides principles, the best practices in adult education institutions, means and tools strategy, tactics, ethics and reputation, everything that concerns public relations management.
Teaching practice in view of the changes in society and the effective performance is regularly updated with new approaches and solutions. For school teachers or representatives of adult education institutions, seeking to apply the latest solutions to their working practice, we offer adult education courses. During this particular course you will learn how to recognize innovative solutions, best practices and methods of innovative solutions in adult education. Also you will learn to manage it all and synchronize these solutions with corporate strategy. Eventually we will find out are innovative solutions more appropriate for organizations or for learners.
Young people often joke that if you are not on Facebook, you are not at all. Modern young people can’t imagine life without modern technology, social networking usage in daily life. For teachers who do not want to fall behind the new generation and want serve as an example for their pupils EduAcademy.eu offers Social media learning courses. The course provides introduction with functions of social media, stages of learning process. Also, during this course 100+ examples of use of social media and social media tools for learning will be presented.
Another theme of our courses is related with issue that teachers, social workers often face serious problems in teaching difficult students. If you would like to learn reasons why students act in improper way, methods to work with and tips on handling difficult students and if you want to know how to lock a potential of difficult students, giving another chance, and get eventually knowledge on teaching strategies for difficult students we offer for you course: How to work with difficult students?
Maybe you also will be interested about social risk group’s inclusion into the community. It is essential in order to effectively address the social problems of human welfare and security. On the subject of education, social workers have ample opportunities through educational activities that include social risk groups in social activities. So, for all those who are concerned of the problem EduAcademy.eu offers ‘Inclusion of social risk’ group courses. During the training, you will learn about the mission of adult education institutions and principles of recusing exclusion of social risk groups. Also you will learn about empowerment of people at social risk and promoting social inclusion at adult education institution. Eventually we will teach both about the best practices of social inclusion and strategy of social inclusion at adult education institution.
If applicable, all courses will be held in English. Courses which will be held in Lithuania will have not-formal education methods and certificates will be awarded to all course participants.
EduAcademy.eu courses are organized under Erasmus + funding program. Thus fulfilling the criteria of the program it can be guaranteed that all course participants can fund for grants to cover the mobility and travel costs (calculated according to the estimated distance); participants’ living expenses (subsistence values of the relevant year in the call for proposals; project costs (given to institutions, taking into account the expected number of participants in the project) and mobility costs for the special needs of participants (granted application of proven need).
Do not wait for tomorrow’s worth considering whether or not to learn. It’s always worth to study and learn, because knowledge is power and power is knowledge!


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