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Kneipenquizz- 26/03/10

As we discussed in the forum we wanted to make a quiz evening in a bar, for everyone who wants to take part. We chosed the bar Independent in Wittenberg and started our preparations at 6 pm. Together with our partner organisation for this project, the "Kultur mit Sahne" club we managed a soundsystem, questionaries, prices and several other stuff wich we needed.

At half past 8 pm we had found five teams with round about 5 members for each. Two persons decided later to take part in the game so that we had 6 teams. Our moderator Gregor did a very great job and asked all questions wich were definetly not easy e.g. wich parties where the first who ruled the Federal republic of Germany or what was the name of Tallinn before the change. we combined five questions for four different topics. The first was movie and music the second was regional round three was politics and history and last but not least a mixed topic.

The teams where very comitted and so it was a lot of fun to join this action. The winners became great prices e.g. coupons for the cinema in Wittenberg, coupons for choclate, coupons for coffee, books etc.

It was a phenomenal evening you will see it in the next video and there will be a repitition soon.

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"Ich möchte nicht vorsätzlich unterfordert werden."

Wolfgang Böhmer (CDU), Sachsen-Anhalts ehemaliger Ministerpräsidenten, beim Talk am Turm "Leichte Sprache - Verständliche Politik"

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Ein Großteil der Jugendbildung der Evangelischen Akademie Sachsen-Anhalt findet im Rahmen der Evangelischen Trägergruppe für gesellschaftspolitische Jugendbildung statt und wird im Rahmen des KJP vom BMFSFJ gefördert.